Computing Service>> Policy

Computing facilities resources are available for students, faculty, and staff of the North Dakota University System (NDUS) to enhance their educational and research experiences. Many of these resources are provided by the North Dakota Higher Education Computer Network (HECN).

Before you obtain a login for any HECN resource, you should be aware of your responsibilities:

See State Board of Higher Education Policy 1901.2 and NDUS Procedures 1901.2.

Inappropriate use or abuse of the system may result in loss of access to ALL HECN systems.

Note: The privacy of your identifying data is governed by law and the policies of your institution and the NDUS. However, because the email address uses your name, by clicking continue you may be waiving any request you have made (or might make) that your name and institution affiliation not be made public.

Your login(s) will remain active while you are a member of the HECN community and you use the login(s) during the academic year.

By clicking Continue, you agree to abide by NDUS and campus regulations on use of computer resources.